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Archive for November, 2016


Lavender takes on Bruxism for Thanksgiving


Are you a bruxist? A what? No, not a Brexist, of the UK formerly part of the EU, a bruxist, a teeth grinder.

Do you clench your jaw when you sleep? Do you wake up with a headache? Perhaps you know someone who wakes you up snoring. Did you know sleep apnea is a symptom of bruxism.

According to the Bruxism Association (yes, there’s an entire association dedicated to this common phenomenon) p hysical symptoms include headache, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) jaw discomfort and muscle aches, facial myalgia (muscle pain), ear ache, tightness and stiffness of the shoulders, limitation of mouth opening and sleep disruption of the individual as well as the bed partner.

You may be thinking yes, this describes me, but what can I do? Well, bruxism can cause a variety of oral symptoms including tooth wear and fractures and in extreme cases, early tooth loss. So, if you or your partner is waking up with a sore jaw or consistent headaches, you should come in for a visit and we can discuss the options.

In the meantime, for those of us who get stressed around the holidays, your bruxism may intensify. So here’s a nice way to relax after your awesome family gathering. Go get some lavender oil at a local natural food store and put a few drops on a warm washcloth. Place the cloth just in front of your earlobe before bed. The scent may help you fall asleep more easily and the warmth will help to relax your jaw.

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and perhaps a warm lavender towel after dinner. And don’t forget to mention it at your next dental visit if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms.





You would be surprised by the number of people who put off regular trips to the dentist. Yes, you are not the only one!

How long has it been since your last dental exam? If it’s been a while, no worries, it happens… we all have reasons for putting it off. Perhaps you had a lapse in dental insurance. Maybe it’s thoughts of discomfort or a misconception that cleanings can be put off for another month without much consequence. Whatever the reason might be for holding off putting those feet across the threshold of a dental office, just know that you will not be judged!

We have a unique way of approaching your return to the dentist. Before you even sit in a dentist chair, we start with a conversation over the phone. Then, we meet in my office. I consider these two conversations the most important part of your treatment. My entire team knows to give us this time undisturbed as we will immerse ourselves in learning about you and your mouth. During this discovery phase we establish a critical partnership that will be the foundation of your journey to a healthy smile. Your dental dreams are not unattainable. Together we will create a plan, make sure you are aware of how we will achieve your goals, and address anything that might get in the way. This process is important so I can determine where to focus when you are actually in the exam room.

It is my promise to give you the best possible care and to respect and honor your time. The connections we make and the customized solutions we design are what define my unique dental style. And this is why I love my job.  I welcome you to reach out if it’s been a while since your last cleaning. Together we can make your return to the dentist easy and comfortable.


Taking the Fear Out of Dentistry


Did you know that 40 million people live in California? Why do I ask this you wonder… well, according to Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, 15% of Americans (roughly 40 million people) avoid the dentist because of fear. That’s like saying everyone who lives in California avoids the dentist! That’s crazy.

There are common symptoms that people experience that define dental anxiety— the question is how pronounced are your feelings? Are your fears preventing you from seeing a dentist? If so, I can help you. The prospect of dental work does not need to fill you with terror.

If any of the following describe you or someone you care for, please come talk with me:

– Do you feel tense or have trouble sleeping the night before a dental appointment?
– Do you feel nervous in the waiting room?
– Do you cry (yes, some people cry) when you think about having to go to the dentist?
– Does your heart beat increase at the sight of dental instruments?
– Do you feel physically ill at the thought of making an appointment?
– Do you have trouble breathing when objects are placed in your mouth during an exam?

Together, we will come up with a plan that will make your experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Your dental health is important and doesn’t need to be stressful. 

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