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Archive for December, 2016


What Would Santa Do?


Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective.

It’s easy to get in a rut—especially when you have small kids and you’re trying so hard to establish consistent, healthy habits. I don’t know about you but when my kids were young, brushing teeth was a constant battle. Whether we were getting ready for school or going to bed, brushing teeth was rarely a pleasant experience.

“Why is dental health so difficult for so many families?” you may be asking.

And I counter with, “What would Santa do?”

That’s right—Santa! He is magical and jolly and brings great things to our lives each and every year.  If you think about it, the holidays are truly a wonderful time to try something new: our routines become more relaxed and we begin to reassess what works and what doesn’t. What a perfect time to introduce a new approach to your children!

So conjure your finest Santa-like spirit and try the following with your kids:

– Play some fun music when it’s time to brush. Christmas music is a great place to start!

– Help your kids make up a silly dance while they brush. You could do it to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus” for example!

– Encourage your kids to brush together instead of one at a time.

– Got an Elf on the Shelf? Have your child practice brushing the Elf’s teeth. They do eat a lot of cookies and candy after all!

– Don’t forget to be a good example. Brush with your kids—it’s important for them to understand that good dental health is important for people of all ages!

And of course, please do not forget to practice patience. Santa is a master of patience and joy—the two main ingredients key to a wonderful holiday and happy life!


The Holidays Can Wreak Havoc On Your Dental Health


The holiday season is often synonymous with temptation and overindulgence.

So many parties and family gatherings with sweet treats and delicious winter dishes to enjoy! We often brace ourselves for the holiday fallout of an expanding waistline and humbling trips to the dentist. But what if we could enjoy ourselves without the overindulgence?

Today I’m going to share some of my go-to holiday guidelines for keeping my temptations in check!

  1. At this time of year, I always assume that I will be surrounded by my favorite, devilishly unhealthy things—such as pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream and homemade caramels dipped in chocolate. As a result, I make sure to brush after every meal. Seriously, give it a try! You are less inclined to continue eating if you have a minty fresh mouth.
  1. Avoid socializing in the kitchen and dining room as much as possible—if you’re not around food 24/7 you are less inclined to eat. And if you are in the kitchen, keep your hands busy! And by busy, I don’t mean reaching for another holiday cookie!
  1. Get your floss on! Yes, flossing should already be on your regular dental hygiene agenda but when you eat more, it’s important to floss more too. Over the years I’ve learned that the cleaner you keep your teeth (particularly in times of stress and hectic holiday activity) the more likely you are to avoid overindulgence, belly aches and emergency trips to the dentist!

The winter season is a time to reflect, surround ourselves with friends and family, and give thanks for another year on this earth. This holiday let’s breathe a little deeper, hold our loved ones a little closer and remember to take care of ourselves too!

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